Dental Implant Aftercare: How To Care For Your Dental Implants

Dental implants have a good success rate in patients who follow the correct aftercare procedures. Maintaining good oral hygiene before and after your implants are fitted is essential to avoiding complications such as peri implantitis. If you are thinking about …

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Should I Be Worried About Peri Implantitis?

When researching the dental implant procedure, many patients will come across articles on the subject of peri implantitis. Depending on who you are listening to, this affects between two and 58 percent of implant patients. While it might sound scary, …

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Dental Implants Vs Bridge: What’s The Difference?

When you start researching dental implants, you may discover a lot of people comparing them to bridgework. Dental bridges are also used to treat missing teeth, but the main difference between dental implants and bridges is that bridgework is often …

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Anna’s Orthodontic Story – Six Month Smiles

I had braces as a child but 20 years down the line I noticed that my teeth were becoming increasingly crooked – especially more so in the past two or three years. When I looked at old photographs of me …

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How Does The Dental Implant Procedure Work?

Dental implants offer an artificial replacement for a tooth’s root and provide an alternative to removable dentures or a bridge. The dental implant procedure works by fitting an implant directly into your jawbone to provide support for an artificial tooth. …

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How Can I Make A Trip To The Dentist Fun For Kids?

Teaching your children good dental care is one of the best things you can do for their health. Habits that you pick up as a child are likely to stick around well into adulthood. When you’re a kid, the dentist …

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How Healthy Is Your Tongue? Common Tongue Health Problems

Your tongue can reveal a lot about the health of your mouth. For clues about your oral health issues, you should be checking your tongue. A healthy tongue should be of a pink colour and be covered with small bumps, …

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A Year In Review: Dental Solutions 2016

Happy 2017 everyone! What a year 2016 was for us, we achieved so much… In the practice we: We are working with more and more practices around the Cheshire and Warrington area who refer their patients to us for our …

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New Year New You: Sign Up For Our Invisalign Event

The New Year is a time for making lists and plans. We all start the year with such virtuous intentions, but unfortunately, science has already proven that the deepest depths of winter is the absolute worst time to make any …

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