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You are now able to walk into our surgery and walk out with new teeth on the same day.

Using 4 dental implants to support a fixed bridge, you can have solid teeth that you don't need to take in and out to clean!

Richard Brookshaw BDS, M. Med Sci performs all the Same Day Teeth implants here in Lymm. Highly experienced in implants, Richard is an honorary teaching fellow for the Manchester University. He has an MSc in dental implantology and in the last three years, Richard has successfully placed over 1500 implants.

Same Day Teeth Before
Same Day Teeth After

This patient replaced all of his failing upper teeth in one day using the all-on-4 technique, four implants are used to support a fixed bridge which is much easier to eat and smile with than traditional dentures.

Implants are very natural in terms of their look and feel- they are totally secure, leaving you to eat and taste the foods you want. In addition your jaw bones do not deteriorate in the same way as for many denture users, thus avoiding the 'sunken look' that some denture wearers experience.

The implants are placed in the gum, under local anaesthetic.

The titanium peg is then used as a 'virtual root' to which anything from a single tooth to a complete set of replacement teeth can be attached.

This new technique means new teeth can be attached on the same day.

Our on site technician allows us to customise the bridge without having to send it away to a laboratory, this saves time and means you are not left with any gaps.

To arrange your free of charge, no obligation consultation with our dentist please call 01925 756 565 and speak to our reception team.

Same Day Teeth Before
Same Day Teeth After

Carole Hardy's story

A severe phobia of the dentist due to a bad childhood experience meant that Carole Hardy would avoid visits to the surgery at all costs, she was petrified of sitting in the dentist's chair for treatment. Carole's dental health had slowly deteriorated and she ignored missing teeth and jaw bone.

After the sad bereavement of her husband, Carole decided that she could ignore this no longer. Explained Carole, "I gave up smoking eight years ago, but I'd completely lost my confidence and I hadn't smiled properly since I was in my teens. I always put my hand over my mouth!"

The treatment was carried out by Richard Brookshaw. He replaced the missing teeth with a system known as 'All-on-four'. It aims to reduce the amount of invasive surgery required to replace a set of missing teeth by using only four dental implants instead of the usual six to ten.

Using the latest Nobel Biocare prosthetics, within Carole was proud to leave the dentist's chair with a complete set of healthy and attractive teeth.

The procedure requires far less visits than conventional treatment and eliminates the need for dentures or long waits of three to six months to replace missing teeth.

After the treatment Carole said: "This has changed my life completely. I have more confidence and I can't stop smiling. Plus I can also enjoy the foods I love! I should have had this done years ago."

Interested to know if implants and same day smiles can help transform your life? Please call our reception team 01925 756 565 to arrange your free no obligation consultation.

Val's story

Same Day Teeth Val

This patient was initially nervous about having her top denture altered to achieve fixed teeth in just a single day, but toward the conclusion of her treatment she was calm and talkative.

The Same Day Teeth team and Gavin have been excellent throughout my treatment. I was initially nervous about undergoing treatment, but due to the self-confidence and assurance the experienced team gave me I was able to go through this much needed treatment. The results have left me elated.

Thanks guys!


Jeff Williams hand-written testimonial

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Case 7 Before
Case 7 After

Since winning the Dental Solutions Smile Competition in 2011, Katie Parkinson from Cheshire has been treated extensively by Sophie Parker BDS and her team here at the Dental Solutions practice in Lymm.

Across the past year Katie has had many hygienist visits, multiple fillings, two root canal treatments, a 6 month smiles orthodontic treatment to straighten her upper teeth, together with four crowns on her front teeth. Finally the treatment was completed with a tooth whitening treatment to enhance her fabulous new smile.

Sophie Parker BDS explained 'I am delighted with the results we achieved for Katie. It has been a pleasure to see Katie's confidence grow along with her fabulous new smile- she was a deserving winner of our competition.'

New smiles are more than just about teeth, they literally change lives too. The team at Dental Solutions have seen this happen so many times over the years. katie has now graduated from University, and was then promoted in her job as a quantity surveyor 2 years earlier than she expected.

When asked how she felt now the work was complete, Katie said 'I have so much more confidence these days. Before I won the competition, I had perfected the art of smiling and talking without showing my teeth. Now I can't stop smiling properly. I still can't actually believe that Sophie and her team could transform my teeth into the smile I have now.'

Katie, we think you look amazing.

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How Gavin Laidlaw cured my phobia- Mark Platt's story in his own words.

My phobia started when I was 16, just over 14 years ago. I'd visited the dentist to have a filling. The dentist drilled into a nerve and I could fully feel everything- the pain was unbelievable. After that I used to avoid going to the dentist. I'd look away when I saw a toothpaste advertisement. But the longer I went without seeing a dentist the more the phobia grew. My teeth seemed fine up until I was 26 years old and I cracked a tooth but my fear meant that I didn't do anything about it. After that a filling on the other side of my mouth came out. Still the thought of going the dentist scared me so much. Every time I looked in the mirror I was crying. I couldn't believe my teeth were getting worse and worse and starting to fail.

I started to have nightmares that my teeth were just breaking off and falling out. In the winter the cold was causing the most painful toothaches and migraines. It was getting to the stage where I was becoming reliant on pain killers. But I came to a point where even they didn't help, more and more teeth were hurting.

I found Dental Solutions on line and decided to take the first step and e mail them. This is the reply...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your e mail!

We get lots of similar e mails to yours every week, and it's always a pleasure to help nervous patients overcome their fears and help them fix their mouths.

The first step is for you to give me a contact number and I will ask one of the reception team to set up your first free appointment.

This will give us a chance to meet and have a chat and see if it's possible to help you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


This gave me the courage to see Gavin and after talking to Nicky, his friendly practice manager I made an appointment. Gavin sat me down in a corner away from the dentist chair which straight away put me at ease. Eventually Gavin got me in the chair, took X rays and confirmed my worse suspicions- many of my teeth were too damaged to save. I wanted to cry but was trying to stay strong. When I asked about the procedure for implants it all became too much for me and I fainted in the surgery. I was so embarrassed about fainting in front of everyone. But they helped me up, got me a drink and calmed me down.

Gavin then put the question to me 'What do you want with your teeth?'

I replied a straight smile, molars where I could chew and start eating properly and more confidence in myself. He told me that all of that could be achieved! By just spending 30 minutes with Gavin I felt I could trust him. He asked if the cost of the whole treatment affected my phobia. I won't lie the work I was having done was going to be costly and the cheaper option and less work option would have been a denture. But I knew that what he was proposing was the best thing for me.

Before I knew it I had appointments booked with what felt like everyone- for impressions, visits to the hygienist, the orthodontist and finally the implant surgeon.

So I was signed up to have 7 teeth extracted, 2 x fillings, 5 Implants placed, a brace to straighten my teeth and finish it all off with Zoom Whitening. It felt very daunting. But I got through it with Gavin and his staff. I cannot praise them enough for their patience with me and their care.

I was going up to twice a week at one stage- this frequency actually helped my phobia. Every time I visited I was treated just as importantly as the first time. I wasn't forced to do anything I didn't want to do, and I never felt rushed.

I'd probably say out of everything I was to have done the Implants were the most major part of my treatment and believe it or not it was actually the easiest thing to do. I won't lie and say it was 100% painless but I would describe it more as a discomfort. After all the tooth ache pain, the Migraines this discomfort I was nowhere near to the agony I'd suffered from neglecting my teeth in the past.

Where I am at now

So where I am now, now my treatment is complete. Having my smile makeover has to be the best decision I have ever done and my determination to fight my phobia has paid off.

I am now more confident than I have ever been in life. The nightmares have stopped. I have started dating again, I am getting compliments on my smile which I never thought I would ever get. I feel the biggest weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am me again, I haven't felt like this in such a long time.

I can honestly say that all this would never been possible without Gavin and his team. They really have changed my life. I will always be grateful for what they have done for me. If you are like me and feel the same as I did then please go see them. It's a free consultation and you will not be judged and be given the highest standard of service and care. If I can go through all this and come out with a lovely smile and a passion for the dentist then am sure you can do. I promise you that you will not be sorry.

Mark x

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Victoria's Story

My teeth had never been perfect but had gradually got worse as I got older, and I became more & more conscious of smiling, especially in pictures. I became brilliant at avoiding holiday photos - I used to hide at the back of the group, refuse to smile or make sure that I was behind the lens instead of in front of it.

I first heard about Gavin Laidlaw after an article in the Warrington Guardian about the 6 month smile winner which was the reason why I decided to come along for a consultation. I wanted them fixed but didn't want to wear a big metal brace for 18 months or more. I came to see Sophie for a free initial consultation who recommended 6 month smiles. I've also previously been terrified of the dentist but was totally at ease from the minute I started talking to Gavin & Sophie about my treatment plan, I knew I was in safe hands.

I was surprised that during the process of wearing braces that people didn't really comment that much on them anyway- they were pretty invisible though so I never really felt self conscious about them. Exactly 6 months later I had my braces taken off and I have to admit that it was completely overwhelming. I just didn't ever believe that my teeth would look so good- I cried tears of joy.

Case 1 July Before
Case 1 July Before
Case 1 July Before

People have commented that I smile much more and I know myself that I have much more confidence. My insurance job is better too now I have been given my own team of people to look after. I have also ran in the London marathon for the first time in aid of the British Heart Foundation in memory of my Dad. And the holiday photos that I used to dread....not anymore!!

It's one of the best investments and decisions I've made, it's amazing what a difference it makes, I'd recommend it to anyone! (I'm trying to get my Mum in next!)

Case 1 July Before
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