Linda’s Story – Individual Dental Implants

I have been a patient of Gavin’s since he first opened Dental Solutions over twelve years ago. Unfortunately, I had recently been to see him about an infection in my tooth and Gavin tried but couldn’t save it. He explained …

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Dennis’s Story – Upper All On Four

“I first broke my upper front tooth when I was 15 and I have lived with a partial denture for many years until gradually over the years my surrounding teeth also worked loose and I faced losing two or three …

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Barbara’s Story – Dental Implants

“It all started last July when I had a complete disaster. I broke a tooth and the bridge of 5 other teeth that it was supporting just fell out. It was a Friday evening and I had a sleepless night …

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Kerry’s Story – Quick Straight Teeth

My fiancé Jonny gave me the most wonderful gift when we got engaged – for my teeth to be straightened in time for our wedding this September. It may sound like an odd present to give to anyone, but it …

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Ian’s Dental Implant Story – All On Four

I came to see Gavin for a free consultation after my dentist in Warrington retired. I have always had very soft and white teeth and I already had a plate on my upper jaw. Unfortunately, my lower gum had become …

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Four Dental Implant Problems To Look Out For

For anyone looking for a long-term solution for missing teeth, dental implants can be a smile-saver. They are the best possible solution for anyone looking for a solution to missing teeth. When this procedure was first carried out, dental implant …

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I Grind My Teeth At Night – Can I Still Get Dental Implants?

For patients who grind their teeth at night, dental implants present a Catch-22 situation. The continuous pressure on the teeth from nightly grinding – known as bruxism – can mean that dental implants are required to fix damaged teeth. Unfortunately, …

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Dental Solutions Rated Best For Service By

We’re very pleased to announce Dental Solutions has been awarded the WhatClinic 5-Star Treatment award. This award is given to only a handful of clinics that meet the high standards of patient care outlined by the healthcare search engine, …

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5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Bad For Your Teeth

We all know the importance of good oral hygiene in looking after our teeth. The biggest culprits are well known, and we all had it drilled into us from a young age that too many fizzy drinks or sweets would …

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