Toothbrush Health – When Should You Change?

Whilst you may be brushing twice a day, you won’t be getting the full benefits of proper oral care if your toothbrush is worn out. Do both your teeth and gums a favour, and take the time to learn when …

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Invisalign Practitioners at Dental Solutions

Straight teeth are something that almost everyone desires in life, but the idea of having braces as an adult can be quite daunting. A more discreet solution, therefore, can be preferable to other traditional fixed solutions. Which is why Invisalign …

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A Look at Dental Solutions’ Dedicated Implant Suite

Finding the right dental solution for your situation is often a complicated process. Especially as there are a number of procedures, dentists and varying costs for you to consider before settling on one that fits your needs. If you do …

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Danny’s Story – All on Four

In the past, I had always been an outgoing and easy going type of guy. Then a couple of years ago I had an accident at work and knocked my two front teeth out. Then the other surrounding teeth started …

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Dental Implant Open Day | Tuesday 15th May

Curious About Dental Implants? What is included in the evening? On the day of your appointment, you will be invited to the practice for a free 30-minute consultation with Gavin Laidlaw BDS Principal Dentist and Nicola Corless Implant Co-Ordinator and Practice Manager. During this …

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Margaret’s Story – Smile Makeovers

I have always been petrified of the dentist. My teeth have never been good – I never really looked after them when I was a teenager. Years ago a dentist extracted a load of them at the back of my …

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Kianna’s Story – Implants

I had always hated my smile and due to losing several teeth when I was younger had worn a denture for several years and felt thoroughly miserable with it in. As soon as I could afford to do something about …

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Katherine’s Story – Quick Straight Teeth

I had worn ‘train track’ braces on and off as a child growing up in Holland. However, my retainers hadn’t worked and some of my teeth had slipped out of position and my teeth had started to overlap in places. …

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Dental Care For Kids: How To Teach Children Good Habits

Making sure your child keeps their teeth clean on a daily basis is very important for their development. Allowing your child to neglect their teeth can lead to decay and cavities which will mean they will need dental treatment from …

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