Why are Dental Health Checkups So Important?

One of the major issues that the dental industry is facing is that the majority of us don’t visit the dentist enough. Recent research from NHS digital revealed half of UK adults haven’t visited the dentist in the last two years, and this is causing major problems. As 31% of adults have tooth decay, 66% have visible plaque and 29% of the population suffer from regular pain in the mouth. So, below are the three main reasons why dental health checkups are so important.

Check Up Costs Are Low

Having a checkup with your dentist simply isn’t too expensive. Standard NHS check-ups cost £19.70 which includes a check of the teeth and gums and covers basic treatments including scaling and polishing, as well as peace of mind. If you wanted to take the private route, they aren’t much more expensive as in some parts of the country they can start from just £25. If you do go private, make sure you select a dentist with good testimonials that you know you can trust. Here at Dental Solutions, we have a current offer which provides private dental care from £13.95 per month. This includes two dental health checks with your local Cheshire dentist, two visits to the hygienist every year and free X-rays. A further 20% off most additional dental treatment and free insurance overseas!

The Risks of Not Visiting

Many of us simply ignore the health of our mouth, especially in comparison to the rest of the body. The two most common issues left unchecked are bleeding gums and tooth pain, and they are both all too common considering how easy it can be to treat if caught early by your dentist. If you are a nervous patient, we would have no problem in helping you overcome your fear and give you a positive experience.

Allowing gums to bleed can lead to cavities and inflamed gums, which leads to pockets developing under the gum-line filled with bacteria which can eventually result in tooth loss. Tooth pain is another major issue most commonly caused from cavities forming. If this develops, it can lead to root canal treatment or possibly tooth loss.

Overall, check-ups dramatically decrease the chances of either of these becoming a serious issue, and are comparably cost-effective in relation to the huge bills that can develop when paying for major dental work such as tooth replacements or gum repair.

How Often You Should Visit the Dentist

Dentists recommend that both adults and children should visit regularly, between every three and six months depending on the condition of your teeth or any treatments you might be having. For those with more serious oral health issues, they will be required to be seen more often, or if you are undergoing an orthodontic treatment, for example. Speak to your dentist to discuss the frequency of your visits.

Visiting the dentist should become a regular part of your health care routine, as the benefits of check-ups far outweigh the minor inconvenience that booking an appointment might cause! If you haven’t seen your dentist in a while, please book an appointment as oral health is not worth risking. Any member of our team would be more than happy to help you, so if you would like a free consultation with us please call us on 01925 756565 or book now using the link at the top!


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