Happy National Dentist’s Day! Here Are 5 Amazing Things Your Dentist Does


We’re very pleased that National Dentist’s Day is just around the corner. On 5th March, we’ll be paying tribute to all of the dentists around the world and the amazing work they do. To mark the occasion, we thought we would share some of the amazing work that dentists do every day that people often forget about. When it comes to a trip to the dentist, you might think that your dentist is just checking for immediate damage, but there’s also lots of preventative work that dentists do to help.

1. Preventative care

Your dentist is always thinking two or more steps ahead of you and making sure that they catch issues at the earliest possible opportunity. This is why it is vital that you visit the dentist and dental hygienist regularly. People often put off seeing the dentist until they are in pain or have an issue, but this will often be too late and will require more extensive work. If you visit your dentist every six months, they’ll be able to stop problems before they become problematic or painful.

2. Paediatric care

You might think that brushing your teeth is second nature, but kids have to learn it somewhere. Often, the dentist’s chair is where youngsters learn proper brushing technique and how to take care of their teeth. Our dentists work hard to make sure that children have a positive experience at the dentist that means they won’t develop a phobia later in life.

3. Screening for oral cancer

This is one example of the background care that is going on without you even knowing it. This is another reason that it’s important to visit the dentist regularly, particularly if you have a family history of oral cancer or if you are at risk because of lifestyle factors such as smoking. You won’t even know that it’s happening, but your dentist is always on the lookout for more serious conditions.

4. Community outreach

Many of our dentists and therapists are involved in outreach projects in the UK and around the world. At the start of 2017, Richard Brookshaw travelled to Greece to help provide much-needed dental care to refugees in the region. We regularly provide free toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental care information to the homeless in Warrington. We are also donating our old dentist chair to Dent Aid. We recognise that not everyone has access to the same level of dental care, so it’s important for us as a practice to help out where we can.

5. Complex surgery

The process of fitting dental implants is highly complex, but there are also situations where the isn’t enough bone to hold the implant, this will need to be addressed surgically. In cases like this, our highly experienced dental surgeons will carry out complex procedures like sinus grafts, or even using specialist implants known as zygomatic implants that are ideal for patients who do not have enough bone to support implants.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of all the incredible things your dentist and the entire dental team do to help their patients every day. So we hope you’ll join us in saying a big THANK YOU to all the dentists around the world for the amazing work they do.


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