The Dangers of Heading Overseas for Dental Implants

1One of the biggest obstacles to dental implant treatment is the cost. We recognise that dental implants are a significant investment which is why we offer financing plans to make this treatment as accessible as possible. A popular argument that we see online is that you could easily head overseas for the same treatment. Although this might have a lower up-front price tag, the long-term cost can be much higher.

According to the NHS, there are no official statistics about the number of people heading overseas for dental treatment, but in 2007, a survey by Which? found that dentistry was one of the most popular treatment areas for medical tourism. People are often attracted to the lower costs that can be found overseas, however, with something as life-changing as dental implants, it’s important to consider all of the factors. Here are some of the dangers of heading overseas for treatment.

No common language

While the marketing brochure may be written in English, when you arrive at your destination for your dental implant procedure, you may find that communicating is a problem. Dental implant patients often have very complex questions that will need someone who is fluent in medical English to be able to answer. Not being able to ask questions or be understood can be very distressing if you are already nervous about the procedure.

Potential Hidden Costs

Take care if considering cheaper implant providers (in the UK and abroad), and ensure there are no added extras or hidden fees. At Dental Solutions, we use only the finest Nobel Biocare implants, which are recommended and placed by our internationally renowned implantologist Dr Richard Brookshaw. All our implant treatments are inclusive of CT scans, all clinical records, laboratory work, all medication, and review appointments for 12 months. Our All-on-4 dental implant treatments also include both the immediate first bridge and the final bridge after 6 months, a Waterpik to aid cleaning the bridges at home, and a full day in surgery with Richard Brookshaw and his clinical team. We create personalised implant treatments in all our free consultations for patients to take home – the estimates are clear and detail all foreseeable appointments and items required, so there are no nasty surprises along the way.

No Aftercare

The main problem with heading overseas for treatment is that it will require a lot of hassle if you want to see the same person who placed your implants for your follow-up. If anything goes wrong or you need another appointment, you will have to take time off and pay to fly to another country for the dentist to look at the problem – but this follow-up care is likely to be included if you find a reputable dentist in the UK. The key to the success of dental implants is good aftercare, and this can be difficult to manage if you have to go abroad or to see a new dentist.

No Legal Recourse

In the UK, if you have a problem with your treatment and you feel that your dentist did something wrong, you will have easy access to legal counsel. When travelling overseas for treatment, it can often be much more difficult to take legal action against your dentist. Before you go, make sure you check the fine print to see if the company you are booking with take responsibility for follow-up treatments, and what happens if something goes wrong or you are unhappy with your treatment.

No Guarantee

We guarantee our implants, provided that you follow the aftercare instructions and attend your follow-up appointments. The same cannot be said for dental implants that are placed overseas. One of the main reasons that the treatment is so much cheaper is because they do not have to provide follow up care.
What to do if you’re going to have treatment overseas

After you’ve weighed up the risks, if you decide to go ahead with a cheaper option overseas, there are a few things you can do to make sure you are safe.

  • Do your research – Look for past reviews, check the qualifications of the dentist and make sure they are properly registered.
  • Speak to your dentist – They may be able to convince you otherwise, but at the very least they will be able to advise you on the treatment and what to expect.
  • Hire a translator – Having someone with you before, during and after the surgery will help ease your anxiety and stop you from losing confidence.
  • Keep your records – In order to make sure you can arrange aftercare in the UK, you should make sure you have the correct documentation in English.



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