A Look at Dental Solutions’ Dedicated Implant Suite

Finding the right dental solution for your situation is often a complicated process. Especially as there are a number of procedures, dentists and varying costs for you to consider before settling on one that fits your needs. If you do …

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Danny’s Story – All on Four

In the past, I had always been an outgoing and easy going type of guy. Then a couple of years ago I had an accident at work and knocked my two front teeth out. Then the other surrounding teeth started …

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Margaret’s Story – Smile Makeovers

I have always been petrified of the dentist. My teeth have never been good – I never really looked after them when I was a teenager. Years ago a dentist extracted a load of them at the back of my …

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Kianna’s Story – Dental Implants

I had always hated my smile and due to losing several teeth when I was younger had worn a denture for several years and felt thoroughly miserable with it in. As soon as I could afford to do something about …

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Katherine’s Story – Quick Straight Teeth

I had worn ‘train track’ braces on and off as a child growing up in Holland. However, my retainers hadn’t worked and some of my teeth had slipped out of position and my teeth had started to overlap in places. …

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Dental Care For Kids: How To Teach Children Good Habits

Making sure your child keeps their teeth clean on a daily basis is very important for their development. Allowing your child to neglect their teeth can lead to decay and cavities which will mean they will need dental treatment from …

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Sheila’s Story – Quick Straight Teeth

My teeth have never been perfect, but as I have become older they started to twist out of shape. Not only did they look crooked, but they had become quite difficult to clean. I wasn’t sure if braces would be …

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Julia’s Story – Fixed Braces

I absolutely hated my teeth and therefore I rarely smiled. I always felt that people were looking at my crooked teeth rather than at me when they were talking to me. My job is as a relationship manager in a …

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Diane’s Story – Fixed Braces

It was my children leaving home and having some time to myself that gave me the final push to sort my teeth out. Over time my teeth had begun to stick out and cross over at the front – it …

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