We have orthodontics to suit everyone’s needs:


If you are looking for a more comfortable and convenient way of straightening your teeth then Invisalign might be the answer, as it uses invisible aligners which can be taken off when eating or brushing your teeth. Book a free consultation with us to assess your suitability to the Invisalign treatment. Find Out More.

Fixed Teen

Do you want to do the best for your children but are not prepared to wait 18+ months for the NHS Orthodontics? We offer a no wait fixed metal brace at an all- inclusive price of £2,000. Find Out More.

Fixed or Traditional Braces

Traditional fixed braces are the most common orthodontic treatment to correct teeth and jaw alignment. They consist of small metal brackets that allow the dentist to have total control over each tooth in order to straighten the teeth. Find Out More.

6 Month Smiles

Treatment times are far shorter than traditional braces ranging from 4 to 9 months which makes them less costly. 6 Month Smiles focuses purely on the appearance of the teeth and anyone from the age of 17 can be a candidate for the treatment. Find Out More.

Lingual BracesOrthodontics

The best thing about this treatment? On top of straightening your teeth, no on else will notice the braces.These metal brackets are discreetly placed on the inside surface of your teeth. Find Out More.


With a technology straight from the US, this orthodontic treatment can be completed in 3 months making it affordable also due to spending less time visiting the practice. Find Out More.

Quick Straight Teeth

If your smile is holding you back and you want fast results, Quick Straight Teeth could be the treatment plan for you. Typical treatment times at 6-9 months, making it perfect for anyone wanting fast results on a budget. Find Out More.

Send Us Your Smile!

Curious to know if orthodontic braces could work for you? You don’t even need to visit the practice, simply send us a picture of your smile for a FREE consultation from Gavin Laidlaw.

Send Us Your Smile

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