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Mrs M. from Lymm

I commenced a course of treatment which included an implant, a crown and other dental work with Dr. Sophie Parker, all procedures being necessary, not cosmetic and to which I was not looking forward. Despite the fact that the work took many visits over a period of months, I never at any time experienced pain and only minimal discomfort. The results have ben amazing. I now have a huge amount of admiration for Dr. Parker’s skills, the precision of her work and the fact that I have, for now, full dental fitness. It only remains for me to ensure that my levels of dental hygiene match Dr. Parker’s skills- a very tall order!


My experience with the whole crew of Same Day Smiles and with Gavin has been excellent. As an extremely nervous patient I was surprised I even went through with it but because of the confidence and experience of the team I felt able to go ahead and I am overjoyed with the results.
Thank you!

Mrs Linda Hill

It took me 5 years to pluck up the courage to have implants. Seeing them for the first time made me very emotional, then I smiled the biggest most confident smile in 5 years! I have been treated and cared for with the utmost respect and professionalism and I would recommend anyone to have implants at Dental Solutions.

Andy S – Sleepwell User

Dear Gavin,

I have been using the mouth guard for 4 weeks and, after the initial reaction of something rather ‘alien’ being in your mouth, now find it ok.

My wife has noted a real improvement with my Sleep Apnoea and also with snoring, stating that I now snore for 15 minutes once asleep which then abates to allow her a far better night’s sleep than before using the Sleepwell.

I have adjusted the appliance by approx 1/3 and although there is an initial sense of fear of not being able to open your mouth when wearing it, you simply need to extend your lower jaw to allow the 2 halves of the appliance to separate. Once this has been repeated several times, the sense of fear subsides.

I wouldn’t begin to suggest it is the most comfortable thing to wear to bed but, knowing that my wife is finally able to get a full night’s sleep for the first time in approx 25 years, it’s a small sacrifice to make.


If you are considering implants stop and look no further! I had been investigating implants for a few years and had undertaken numerous costly consultations. Sadly I always left with the feeling of uncertainty as to whether that practice could meet my needs. Then I came across Gavin’s website and arranged a free consultation. From my initial meeting with Gavin l felt confident that he could create the smile l wanted. Gavin presents as calm and professional, the dental nurses are absolutely lovely they are so welcoming and attentive.

The treatment process was explained fully and each stage carefully planned. Even the temporary crowns and implants looked great. Gavin is a perfectionist and ensured that every detail was right. Not just aesthetically but medically.

Richard Brookshaw performed the surgery for the implants l was very anxious regarding this element of the plan. However, throughout the procedure Richard was extremely sensitive and professional which calmed me. Adam the dental technician is amazing, the results being a natural looking smile for a woman of my age.

My plan is complete and my smile is incessant. So to Gavin, and his wonderful team l would like to say an enormous thank you. And for anyone considering implants I can highly recommend Gavin.

Martin Lloyd, London

The best money I have ever spent, and I really mean that.

M.C., Lymm

I was really nervous but immediately felt at ease.

K.F., Cheshire

I needed to have an implant and was amazed at how easy it was. Thank you all!

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