silver-braces-mouthTraditional fixed braces are the most common orthodontic treatment to correct teeth and jaw alignment. They consist of small metal brackets that allow the dentist to have total control over each tooth in order to straighten the teeth.

These bonded brackets are fixed on every tooth and are connected with a flexible thin metal wire held in place by small elastic rings or ligatures. The wires will be adjusted at every appointment with our practitioner Badri Chari in order to help straighten the teeth.

Nowadays there are different types of braces, the most used ones are made of stainless steel. Plastic and ceramic tooth coloured braces are more popular amongst adults and are usually only used on the top teeth. Do not underestimate misaligned teeth as they can cause issues when speaking, biting and chewing. For the success of the treatment it is important to follow all instructions given by the orthodontist and attend all booked appointments to achieve the best possible improvement of your smile.

The duration of the treatment will vary, depending on each patients teeth and the severity of the case. We recommend booking an initial free consultation by calling our Reception Team on 01925 756565 or by using our contact us form.

At the end of the treatment, once the braces are removed by the practitioner, you will be provided with removable retainers. These will be worn for some time in order to attain stability of any teeth movement.

Currently we include free tooth whitening and 50% off a haircut at Johnsons link at the end of your treatment to highlight your new dazzling smile! The free tooth whitening offer is for Adults on select orthodontic treatments only.

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